Effective Weight Loss Diet to Shed 10 Pounds in 1 Week

A simple 7 day weight loss diet plan to help you lode weight and without the need to starve. 4 meals in a day. It’s all you need!

Everyday we see new diets being promoted. Some have worked for others, and some diets have been plain nonsense. Let’s face it, some diets will not work for everyone as we are all different, have different metabolism, food allergy issues, different lifestyles, different mindset and blah, blah.

But here’s an interesting diet plan that is worth considering, and it works. The best part about this weight loss diet, you will not have to starve yourself of food. The least is, if it doesn’t work for you, you will be eating healthier during this period!

When you read on, you will notice it is different and it can help someone like you to shed 10 pounds or more, and in 7 days. And did I say, you won’t have to starve yourself. With a bit of planning, focus and a will to put these simple steps in place, results will come!

Let’s get cracking –


The most important meal of the day, and the meal that kickstarts this simple weight loss meal plan. Before you have a breaky and on an empty tummy, squeeze 1 nice, fresh lemon into a cup of water and drink it. Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed lemon water
helps to purify and detox the body from the toxins and jumpstart your metabolism. Please do this 30 minutes before you have your breakfast meal.

Ok, after half an hour later dig into the fruits. Whilst fruits are a great source of vitamins and fiber, fruits have a relatively high content of sugar. Hence consuming fruits in the morning helps burn off the sugar and distributed it nicely through your body.

So for breakfast, start with 2 apples or 2 oranges, 2 pears and so on. And to add a bit of crunch, try a handful of nuts, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts to breakfast.

Doing it this way helps you get the sugar energy in the morning, as well as protein and nutrients to satisfy the hunger.


This requires meat, like a slice of cooked veal, or even a slice of cooked chicken and add yogurt to lunch. But avoid bread.If you wish to have a side dish, choose carefully like eating veggies and skip creamy salads for lunch.

After lunch meal, walk around the block or at least 15 minutes to compliment the healthy lunch.

Looks good so far.

Snack Time

Mid afternoon snack, avoid chocolate, chips and other kind of junk food. Instead try fresh salad with a sprinkle of salt and small amount olive oil.


The last meal of the day, which you want to aim before the normal 6pm!

The menu here is 2 hard not medium boiled eggs, a nice serve of green salad or even cucumber salad with a sprinkle of olive oil.

As you can see a nice balance of protein and good nutrients.

Now for the hard part. How to tackle the cravings after 6pm? With a bit of determination and sensible approach how to survive after 6 pm until you go to bed.

This is where your determination and planning comes in place.

Drink green tea between 6pm and bed time. So add 4 green tea bags into a liter of water and drink it in dose before sleep. Note – you do not have to finish that 1 liter. It’s there if you need it to curb the cravings.

There you go a simple weight loss plan to help you lose pounds in 7 days. How long you want t ostick to this diet plan is up to you. 10 days is the max, and 7 days is the ideal timeframe to lose around 10 pounds.

For the people who feels they cannot meet those times, especially dinner, make some changes to your work hours. If not possible, adjust the plans around the work schedule. Just do not eat and sleep straight after.  And remember try to get in at least of 3 days of 20 minute exercise sessions.  Whether it is walking, running or gym, it is a great way to burn off more calories.

Again avoid alcohol, juice and fizzy drinks for the time being.

If you want to continue a lonf term eating plan where you cna kee pthe weight off and continue a healthier lifestyle, then here’s an interesting article on how “whole wheat” bread, types of milk, sugar, and vegetable oils can do to your body and why it’s NOT your fault if you’ve struggled to lose weight.

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Source of research – Healthy Home Stead