The Simple No Gym Starting Ten Workout

Here’s a quick but effective at home workout that will ramp up your heart rate and the best is, it only requires around 10 minutes of your time!

Simply, you perform 1 set of 2 exercises without rest and starting with a count of 10 each, then you immediately repeat the set of 2 exercises again, but with a new count of 9 each. This set of 2 exercises continues on till you reach a count of 1 each.

As always train to your level of fitness or consult your local doctor before trying it.

The aim here is to do this daily and with the aim to pick up the pace and get the circuit time down every day.

In summary

10 Jumping Jacks, followed by 10 Stomach Crunches … and then
9 Jumping Jacks, followed by 9 Stomach Crunches … and repeat
8 Jumping Jacks, followed by 8 Stomach Crunches … and then
7 Jumping Jacks, followed by 7 Stomach Crunches … and rinse, repeat
1 Jumping Jack, followed by 1 Stomach Crunch

This particular no gym workout will beginners to the intermediate level of fitness. For the beginners, start off slowly and as you progress increase your pace to get your heart working more.

As your fitness improves overtime, try to shorten the time required to finish the entire ten. But don’t cheat on your form. Do it well without shortcuts.

There’s all to it. A short but ideal workout for any busy individual.

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